Balneario Las Conchas

Have you ever seen the impressive waterfalls located in Balneario Las Conchas in Alta Verapaz? This is a beautiful corner of Guatemala that is home to several pools of different depths, as well as a great diversity of flora and fauna.

Balneario Las Conchas is located 397 kilometers from Guatemala City, in the village of Se’pemech, Chahal, Alta Verapaz. This natural paradise can be accessed by vehicle at any time of the year. In the natural and ecological reserve there is parking near the spa, and it is a place suitable for the whole family.

This recreation center offers visitors the opportunity to swim in the pools, suitable for children and adults. Tourists can enjoy a walk along the trails and watch the waterfalls that flow from the Chiyú River from the lookout point.

The area has restrooms, dressing rooms, barbecue areas and spaces for camping in the middle of nature.

In the place, people can appreciate a waterfall that is 10 to 15 meters high. One of the main characteristics is that the water is clear, which allows greater visibility.

In short, Balneario Las Conchas is a hidden corner of Guatemala that is worth visiting.